If you are thinking of using your SUV to take trips to Morocco or 4×4 excursions to the mountains, this will interest you.

The tires are the point of contact of our car with the ground. They are a fundamental part of being able to face the different situations that we will encounter on our adventures, whether taking a trip through the Moroccan desert or simply driving on the highway.

To choose a good tire, we not only have to look at the “lug pattern”, which is the one we like the most. We have to assess the level of noise that the tire makes on the road, the measurements available for our car, the percentage of use on and off the road, fuel consumption efficiency and classification for driving in the rain.

Normally when the tire has a more marked tread, they are noisier and behave worse on the road and especially in the rain. Of course, in off-road driving, they will be the best.

For this reason, it is good to choose a balanced tire model according to our needs. For example, it allows us to make highway trips with total safety and at the same time good response in the field without doing extreme 4×4.

And remember, before taking a trip check the tire pressure, including the spare tire. This is the great forgotten one, because since we don’t usually see it, we don’t control it and with the passage of time it loses pressure, and the least expected day, when you need it, you find it deflated.

Here are some examples and tire recommendations:
• General Grabber AT3
• Toyo Country AT3
• Cooper Discoverer AT3 sport
• Bf Goodrich All Terrain Ko2
• Bf Goodrich Trail Terrain
• Falken Wild Peak AT3WA

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